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Casey Rooney

Casey Rooney began his hockey playing career in White Bear Lake, Minnesota and went on to play for Hill-Murray High School as a forward. After graduation, Casey moved on to play Junior Hockey for the Lakers and was fortunate enough to win a National Championship. In 2008, Casey began working with ProHybrid as a goalie instructor and shooter for elite goalie prospects. Studying and teaching the intricacies of the goalie position has given Casey a deeper understanding of the game and helped him become a better overall coach.

Today, Casey possesses a very unique skill set having logged more than 10,000 hours training both skaters and goalies. He is currently the Director of Player Skills Development for the Minnesota Icemen AAA program. He was an assistant coach for the Forest Lake Lakers, a Tier III Jr. A hockey team located in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Additionally, Casey has trained players and goalies of all ages in Alaska, Seattle, Chicago, Notre Dame, Denver, Ontario, and Michigan.


Other unique facts about Casey that are worth mentioning. He was a skating double in the movie Mighty Ducks 3. This movie’s commercial success ultimately paved the way for the creation of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, (now the Anaheim Ducks) NHL team. In 2012 Casey competed in the Red Bull Crashed Ice, one of the world's most breathtaking winter sports events where riders hurtle down courses up to 600 meters long in groups of four, shoulder to shoulder, as they fight it out for victory.

Sam Nelson

Originally from Wisconsin, Sam Nelson has accomplished a lot over the years. From playing three years of junior hockey to playing college hockey for the Concordia College Cobbers. Sam is a dedicated, determined individual who loves to share his passion of hockey with players, and goalies like him. Coaching is a passion for Sam, as not only does he find it fulfilling but he continues to learn more about the game through coaching the next generation of hockey players.

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