My Journey- Tyler Chenevert

Every hockey player has a journey. They all start somewhere and go through different experiences and adversity. Hockey players all have different stories but today we focus on Tyler Chenevert’s story. Tyler Chenevert currently plays for the Neponset Valley River Rats 18U AAA team where he recently switched positions from defense to offense this season. Tyler was kind enough to share with us his story and where he started and got into hockey.

Q. How did you get into hockey and who inspired you to play?

  1. “I come from a big sports family. When I was younger my parents signed me up to play [hockey]. They believed that I should try as many sports as I could when I was younger. I fell in love with the game the moment I started. I played other sports all throughout grade school, but hockey was my passion and what I wanted to pursue a career in.”

Tyler’s parents were right to sign him up for hockey as he just finished off his season with the River Rats having 22 points in 18 games.

Q. What teams and leagues have you played on in the past?

  1. “I played for the Boston Advantage for youth. Then I played in the EHF for the Providence Capitals. When I was in 8th grade, I went to a junior boarding school called Hillside in Marlboro, MA. After my 2 years at Hillside (8th, 9th). I went to the Hill School in Pottstown, PA for high school (New England Prep) and reclassed my freshman year. I have been there for 3 years now. I played split in the fall for the Yale Bulldogs U18 national team and the River Rats U18 team as well.”

Q. If someone has never seen you play before, how would you describe your game?

  1. “I actually just switched to becoming a forward about 3 months ago. Currently I am looking for my identity as a forward. But if I had to describe my game in the brief time I have played the position it would be some sort of a combination of a Bergeron and Marchand. I am playing Center and I am very good in the defensive zone (I used to play Defense) but can also create in the Offensive zone.”

“Being a two-way forward is something that I am priding myself on and working off of. I am very good in the faceoff circle and I love running quick faceoff plays. As for my offense game, that’s where I would say the Marchand comes in. I work hard in the Offensive-zone, getting the puck to the net and creating my own pass/shot. I also play with that big chip on my shoulder, that I will win every battle and win the net front battles. I have scored most of my goal from that net front area, and I don’t expect to slow down the production from that spot anytime soon. My skill is very good and I have a good shot. My offensive sense is improving rapidly and I am starting to grasp and have fun at my new position.”

To compare yourself to Bergeron AND Marchand shows just how confident Tyler is in his game, and he doesn’t seem interested in slowing down as he is just starting to get acclimated to his new position.

Q. How would you say Rule 1 Sports has helped you throughout your hockey career thus far?

  1. “Rule 1 has already helped me so much in getting my name out there. Especially switching from Defense to Offense as a junior. Austyn has really helped me get my name out there and we are only getting started.”

Q. Do you have any specific goals for yourself and your game in the next couple of years?

  1. “It has always been a goal of mine to play division 1 in college my entire life. I have grown up a Boston College fan, and used to go to games all the time. That has always been my dream, to play for the Eagles. By switching positions, I have some work to do but I am very confident that I can get my play to that level and beyond. Another goal of mine has always been to play in the NHL. With the way my development as a player is going, I believe I can make some noise in the NHL recruiting system.”

Tyler’s numbers and character are definitely helping him make some noise for his future.

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